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Do It Yourself Decorating

DIY or DIFM - What does that mean? DIY, of course, means Do It Yourself and DIFM means Do It For Me. Whenever one decides to redecorate, update a look, do some major or minor repairs, or whatever else one decides, it doesn't take long to discover that remodeling and redecorating can easily cost more than you thought it would. So the dilemma for all of us is this: What can I do myself and what should I hire a professional to do?

What you can do yourself will probably save you some cash - but on the other hand, if you're not that knowledgeable or skilled at the concept, it could cost you more in the end to try to do it yourself than to hire a professional from the outset. These, of course, are decisions you'll have to make and will differ depending on the task.

So here are some questions you should ask to help you through the process:

  • Can you do the easy stuff? - No matter how complex a task it, there are always steps involved that are easy that you might tackle yourself. The DIY approach makes sense then. Then bring in the pro. Here's an example. Say you want to install new cabinets in your kitchen. Perhaps you (or hubby) can get the proper tools and do the demolishing and removing of the old cabinets yourself. It doesn't take much savvy to destroy something, right? By doing this kind of prep work yourself, you've removed one area that you won't be charged for and focus the professional just on the things they are best doing. Do it yourself doesn't mean doing ALL of it yourself.
  • What kind of time can you devote? - Home improvement projects can get time consuming. If you have little time, and it is precious to you to relax and enjoy your evenings and weekends, it might be best to hire a professional to do it for you - probably in less time - and go on and continue to relax and enjoy your time off.
  • What kind of tools do you have? - Some tasks require special skills AND special tools. Do you already own what you'll need? Depending on the job, it may be less expensive to let the professional do the job, using tools he already owns, than for you to go buy or rent them. In this case, the DIY approach is not advised.
  • Is the task dangerous? - There are just some very technical projects that are too dangerous for the untrained to tackle: electrical work, plumbing, projects needing special city permits. Don't take on more than you are competent to handle. Stick to the easy stuff and don't create more problems for yourself.
  • Do you know someone reputable? - Get referrals from friends, family or co-workers before hiring skilled labor or a contractor. You want to know in advance that the people you hire have a history of providing excellent products and services. Do it yourself vs do it for me? Use wisdom and you can't go wrong.
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