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More Bathroom Remodeling Tips and Ideas

Experts will usually agree on the following concepts, whether it's for remodeling or redecorating a bathroom, or just about any other room.

  • There are design teams and design teams. Not every design team is the right one for you. Pick someone you feel comfortable working with. This person should be easy to communicate with and someone who listens to you and who will accommodate your wishes and goals into the design.
  • Require the design team to put their ideas down on paper for you to see. The more that gets put on paper, the easier it is to see if there is anything missing or anything that's not going to work.
  • Remember that your bathroom is part of a larger picture. Design it so that it "fits" the rest of the home.
  • Think about the view from adjoining spaces. You want all the space to coordinate.
  • Place the water closet as close to the bedroom as possible to avoid extra steps in the middle of the night.
  • Make room for a "wet area" that allows enough room to dry off after a bath or shower. A chair or bench would be nice if one needs to lift a leg to wipe dry. As you age, these types of small details become more important than ever.
  • Decide what accessories you will want handy and in plain sight. Make a place for them early in your planning.
  • Spend a lot of time developing your fundamental plan. If you don't get this right, no amount of fixtures or cabinets will be satisfactory later.
  • Remember to scale everything to the human scale and allow ample room for the normal activities. If the area is very large, make sure your plan doesn't require unnecessary steps to get from one part to another.
  • If you're designing the master bath, try to find a plan where you can enter, bathe, dress and leave without passing through the master bedroom again. When two people share an area, there is likely to be two different schedules at work. A separate exit from the master bedroom is a very good thing.
  • Treat yourself to a luxurious bathroom with great lighting, ample storage and personalized design details. It truly will make a huge difference.

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