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A Potpourri of Redesign and Home Staging Ideas and Tips

This page is a collection of all sorts of odd tips for the home stager, interior redesigner or homemaker. I've just thrown them all into a pot.

  • When you're an invited guest in someone's home, don't rely solely on a verbal thank you. Leave a thank you note.
  • Better yet, leave the host family with a decorative blank book. They never go out of style and have many uses. Pick one that blends with the color palette of the home so it can be used anywhere.
  • In a child's room, why not paint one wall with blackboard paint so that the child can feel free to draw on the wall. Benjamin Moore has blackboard paint. Be sure to instruct the child that this is the only wall in the home where they can freely draw.
  • When looking for inspiration for a room, look outdoors and borrow from the view. You can never go wrong with nature's color scheme.
  • Use slipcovers to hide ugly, worn out furniture if it can't be replaced with something new.
  • If you must continue to use a piece of furniture that is dented or marred, distress it even more and make it really look weathered. It will take on an old-world charm and look outstanding in the room.
  • Buy an assortment of candles in coordinating colors (different sizes and shapes) and make an instant grouping on a table.
  • Colorful area rugs are always a nice touch. They are great for covering up a dingy carpet or linoleum floors.
  • Ready-made curtain panels can really jazz up a bare window or take the attention away from old blinds.
  • Use quilts or throws to cover a worn sofa or chair.
  • Colorful pillows add pizazz and are easily changed out for a constantly evolving decor. Create your own style by mixing new and vintage together.

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