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Top Ten Tips for Decorating Bathrooms

Even though they are small spaces, bathrooms are a very important part of a home and should look sparkling clean and up to date. This is particularly true if you are looking to sell your home or if you're a stager working on behalf of your client. Here are some tips for the bath:

  • If the space is cool, add some warmth using natural materials. Consider wood floors or stained cabinetry.
  • Don't use ornamentation to define the space. Use the materials to define the character of the space.
  • Because of it's size and scale, it's really important to keep the decorating simple.
  • Avoid creating too many focal points. Function in this room needs to be obvious and simple. Don't complicate the space.
  • Use the space efficiently. Smaller sizes are preferable.
  • Since bathrooms are typically morning spaces, keep it cheerful with fabulous lighting. You always want to start the day right.
  • Get a toilet that has strong suction and flushes well. There's nothing worse than an overflowing toilet.
  • Throw out the rules and just let the design lead you. It's not complicated. Don't let it become complicated.
  • Be sure to incorporate your wants and needs. Bathrooms are not the least expensive spaces to remodel, stage or redesign.
  • Avoid risk by hiring professionals. Interview them carefully.
  • Never pay for services in advance, other than a deposit.
  • Never pay the balance until or unless you are fully satisfied with the workmanship. Contracting companies are notorious these days for sloppy workmanship.

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